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ERCA is a course for thesis students, scientists and engineers from universities, public research institutes and private research or industrial organizations. It is a high level international course on the Physics and Chemistry of the atmosphere of the Earth, the climate system and climate change, atmospheric pollution at different scales and the human dimensions of environmental changes. The course also covers other planets, satellites and objects of the solar system and beyond. It is designed as a multidisciplinary course with a wide diversity of subject matter. It provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to broaden their scientific horizons. The course also provides the ideal setting to interact and discuss research with lecturers who are leaders in their respective fields. This is fostered by poster sessions which will feature the current research of the participants. The participants come both from the different European countries, and from non European countries (developped, emerging and developing countries).

Since it was created in 1993 by the Professor Claude Boutron, 25 sessions have already been organised. They were attended by more than 1200 participants from 50 countries. ERCA 2018 will be the 26th session of the course.

ERCA 2018

The first three weeks (8-29 January 2018) will take place at Maison des Magisteres, on the western university campus of Grenoble. The programme includes lectures (about 80 hours), practicals, and visits to research institutes. The participants will also present their own research work, and write a research proposal on thematics related to the ones of ERCA.

The final week of the course (30 Jan. to 3 February 2018) will be held at the OBSERVATOIRE DE HAUTE-PROVENCE (OHP). OHP is close to the small city of Forcalquier, about 170 km south of Grenoble and is one of the main French astronomical observatories, with various instruments for atmospheric measurements (lidars, spectrometers, ...) and several optical telescopes.

The language of the Course is English.

Important: Arrival by special bus in Grenoble (in front of the Grenoble bus station) from Observatoire de Haute-Provence on Saturday 3 February 2018 is scheduled around 2 p.m., but may change.


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